Later never comes

“We live two lives, the second one starts when we realise we only have one.” Confucius

I am a sucker for a thought provoking quote.

It is very hard to write a short letter, and in this time of all you can eat information and extremely short attention spans – a short snappy but thought provoking quote is welcome.

The timing of when you see a particular quote and whether it strikes a chord for your current circumstances also plays a role. Perhaps you have seen or read the same quote many times, but one day it seems to resonate.

The title of this post “later never comes” was something my primary school head teacher said to me- around 25 years ago. It was probably only said once but it has stayed with me. I remember thinking – well what is that supposed to mean? And clearly stored it for later use, in case it became useful.

I have a note app on my phone, which I use to capture quotes and phrases I like from books (or fortune cookies!) when I feel I need to store something for later thought and use. I revisit it occasionally when I need some inspiration.

I [have] had been considering New Year Resolutions and plans for 2020- I read the above quote – “we have two lives…” and it was while reflecting on this that the phrase “later never comes” popped in to my mind: a flash back to standing in a class room 25 years ago. I can remember the tables and chairs the single pane metal framed windows, the walls covered with massive fabric coated notice boards to withstand the high turnover of seasonal class creations being pinned up. I remember the smell of paints/ crayons / The sound of chair screeching (on asbestos reinforced tiles) as they slid back. And I remember standing and telling my head teacher I would get around to doing something later- presumably homework 😬. With every intention no doubt or doing whatever it was later.

I wonder how many people, those with a growth mindset, that like to set goals, set their sights alittle higher, have the same resolutions each year. This will be the year I do x, y or z. Then flash forward 12 months, no this will be the year I do x, y or z?

What is the source of procrastination? And what will unstick what has stuck for so long? Much like the quotes, the answer would be personal and specific to a point in time.

As we all find ourselves postponing all the things that fill up our calendars due to travel restrictions and fear of falling ill, is this the ‘later’ that never came – finally providing an opportunity to do what has been postponed for so long?

Ironically, this post was written a few months ago… completed and shared today- later eventually came!

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