Three common myths (of your own making) holding you back

Ok, one or all of these may be controversial. But they apply not just to a career in music.

You may hold these beliefs without realising and have unknowingly created artificial hurdles to progressing.

Let me know your thoughts:

1. “I’m not good enough”

I hear this a lot. Especially when encouraging students to start collaborating or ‘jamming’ with others.

It is frustrating because many of the people that say it are brilliant. But regardless, you are where you are right now, and by meeting others to collaborate with you WILL get better.

Whether you choose to do it now, in 1 year or 5years, there will always be others further along in their development than you.

Your musicianship, will inevitably improve, but the accountability you gain by having someone else relying on you putting the work means you put the work in. Your progress speeds up.

Why not do it now- start a band, become great together, rule the world!

2. “I need a more expensive [insert shiny object]”

It pains me to say this, and don’t let my wife see it…. but there is a difference between a nice to have and necessity.

“I need that expensive shiny object before I can do that thing”- this is an arbitrary barrier you are inventing stopping you from going and doing that thing.

As much as it brings a tear to my eye you don’t need to spend thousands on equipment to be ‘good’.

You get good by getting on a doing that thing – and as such earn money that allows you to buy shiny objects.

3.”I can’t write songs”

Press record on any voice/memo recorder on your phone/ tablet. Take guitar. Drop it down the stairs. That sound it made is an original recording. Your first song! It may be short and you may need to re-evaluate what I told you in point 2 above, but you’ve created something unique.

There are courses and books and dvds and more courses about writing. But once again these become arbitrary barriers you put up stopping you from getting on and writing.

Learn some chords, experiment with how they sound together, experiment with major and minor key- if it feels right and sounds good go with it- if you can write it down record it on your phone.

Write words – anything, just start experimenting. The main thing is you just start.

Learn by doing and get really good!

Are there any myths you keep telling yourself at the moment that is really just an imaginary barrier you’ve put up?

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