TGS @ STEM Enrichment Day!


This week Twang’s Guitar School visited a secondary school in Maidstone and challenged the year eight students to solve a problem which has been around for centuries. 

As captured in Johannes Vemeer painting – ‘Woman with lute’ c1660, the lute player is shown tuning the instrument – reflecting the common joke of the time – ‘lutists spend half their time tuning and the other half playing out of tune’.

Still today I have issues with my guitars staying in tune especially during live performances! 

The students were tasked with presenting their creative brainstorm process followed by a poster ‘selling’ me their chosen design.

I was blown away by the creativity of the students! 

From the complex: 

  • a little robot which sits in the headstock of the guitar and tunes for you, 
  • an ‘iGuitar’ sponsored by Apple – in which you simply ask Siri to tune the guitar for you!

To the wacky:

  • Candy cane guitar with marshmallows and strawberry lace strings – which you can eat when they snap!

To the out of the box:

  • No strings!! The ‘Guitar 3000’ with no string and a touch screen fingerboard.

To the simple:

  • A special clip on case over the headstock to prevent the tuning pegs being caught in transit or use.

The point of the excercise was to encourage the creative process irrespective of the output- to get the students to be inventive. Start with a blank piece of paper and see where your imagination takes you!

Well done year eights!


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