Two new opportunities this week!


This week two new opportunities presented themselves to me. Both of which in the past I would almost certainly have turned down. I would have possibly made up an excellent excuse too!

However, this week rather than saying “No thanks >insert excuse<“, I decided to go ahead and give them a go:

  • The first opportunity will involve visiting a secondary school and standing up in front of two year groups (circa 300 teenagers) and talking to them about music. The aim is to see if I can enthuse a sufficient number of them to join a weekly guitar workshop. This is aided slightly by the fact it will be during school hours – so I anticipate a reasonable uptake initially. The challenge will be giving said workshop to dozens of students in one sitting! … watch this space.
  • The second opportunity is with a new potential student wanting to learn an alternative strung instrument, one which is not my primary, or secondary…etc. however I was honest with them and said that I will prepare for their first lesson in the usual way, so we can meet, discuss next steps and decide if I am the right tutor to get them started. In preparing for this lesson I have found significant overlap with my current knowhow and am confident I can give this new musician a solid introduction to their new instrument.

I believe that we learn by doingI could always read more books, make plans and to do lists, but ultimately I believe you have to get off your behind to get things done.

I am actively banging a drum to get new students and get them to try something new by taking up an instrument – hence it would be hypocritical of me to not also go out and try something new.

I am feeling positive and confident about these two new doors that have opened, and you never know what opportunities lay just beyond.








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