The power of encouragement over critcism

This may seem obvious: To give praise and encouragement achieves so much more than negative feedback ever can. However, thinking about it, I find myself day to day being more critical and negative than I’d like.
I recently left my ‘day job’ after 12 years to take my career in a different direction. While this was a conscious choice, clearly the future fills me with a mix of excitement and fear of the unknown. 

On my last day, I received many kind words, handshakes and acknowledgments of one form or another. But one manager took the time to say a few words of encouragement, based of his personal experience working with me. These words really lifted my spirit. I felt renewed confidence and believed I could step outside and take on the world! It had changed my mindset. Looking back, I realised that I achieved so much more when I worked for this particular manager. I knew what I needed to do and felt confident in going forward and getting the job done.

In lessons my aim is to praise the good and provide encouragement on areas that need work. 

The intended outcome may be the same, but the choice of words and tone can have very different effect in the students: from believing they aren’t making progress and can’t do it, to believing they can do it and take on the world tomorrow! 

Whether it be in music or in other areas of their life, helping instill self belief, will mean they approach their next challenge with a positive mindset. One which I know will serve them far better. 

Have a great week!

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