Back to school! Yea or Nay?

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 14.26.30

‘Back to school!’ – It is a phrase that fills some with excitement and others with dread. 

Sitting around the dinner table last night, I asked my three children if they were looking forward to going back their school: My five year old daughter said “YES!”. My eight year old daughter said “I suppose”. Finally my ten year old son said “Nope!”. 

Is it their ages that dictates their attitude? The knowledge that this year will be tougher? The uncertainty of what this year will bring? Or that they can no longer spend many hours playing computer games? 

Looking back, I loved the start of a new school year- it was a fresh start, fresh books, empty tray or locker, new teacher. A chance to start again. Wipe the slate clean. 

This week TGS starts back up for Term1 2016/17 and with only one month to Grade exam entry-I am looking forward to seeing many refreshed, sun tanned faces, full of enthusiasm and ready to tackle the challenges this year will bring! 

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