The ‘nothing box’ / white room- all are welcome

thumb_IMG_1711_1024.jpgLet’s imagine we are all tiny surfers. Gliding on waves. Some soar high and look down on the others. Some ride low or tumble in the wash. Everyone has their own wave, sometimes it is high and sometimes it’s low. Everyone falls off. It is tough.

If you reflect when you are low – things seem low, and if you reflect when you are high -things seem great.

Sometimes we need to switch off our minds: I heard about this theory of the ‘nothing box’. It is something that apparently separates men and women. It is why so many pastimes like golf, fishing, video games appear to be dominated by men. Not because they are better at it. But because they are content in this happy ‘nothing box’ a white room, like in ‘the Matrix’, where nothing is loaded. An empty space where you do not need to think or reflect. At least consciously.

I find this when playing music. It is my nothing box. A part of my brain is active being creative. But the part that thinks and over thinks is distracted. I believe this can be accessed and enjoyed by everyone whether man, woman, adult or child. Sometimes we all need time to ‘switch off’ and distract ourselves. It is comforting and healing. It allows our brilliant mind to work wonders in the subconscious while we give our waking hours a little break.

Whether you find it playing music, computer games, reading or even surfing, remember everyone is riding their own wave and whether they are outwardly riding high they maybe inwardly somewhere else. It costs nothing to offer a hand, shoulder or an ear. Even a smile to a stranger can be enough to lift their day.

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