TGS-Why is the first lesson free?


Why is the first guitar lesson free ?

When taking one to one lessons it is essential you have a good rapport between the student and teacher. Otherwise I believe this will undermine the value the student gets from their lessons.

There is no obligation to come back, although I am pleased to enjoy a very high return rate to date, which means I am getting something right!

What should I expect in my first lesson?

I like to meet new students for the first time for a free first trial lesson so that we get a chance to meet and discuss:

  • Previous musical experience
  • Aspirations for future learning (i.e. for fun, grades exams, become a famous rock star)
  • Style and genre of music they are interested in
  • Availability for a regular weekly lesson
  • Answer any of their questions

After a quick chat covering the above points, I cover the following in a quick fire style lesson to jump start the keen student’s learning:

  • General theory of the instrument:
    • Guitar construction
    • Playing position
    • Finger numbers, string numbers and string note names
    • Notation (TAB, Chord boxes, stave)
  • Introduction to your future syllabus and lesson structure
  • Introduction to your first melody
  • Introduction to your first chords

There is a lot perhaps for the first lesson, but I want to monopolise on the student’s initial enthusiasm to learn and this is of course reinforced over following lessons until it is locked down.

What have I got to lose?

Nothing!! Book your free taster lesson ASAP as spaces are limited for Term 1 2016/17!!

Have a great week!!


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