TGS is 1yrs Today!

Guitar Cake!_edited-1

Twang’s Guitar School is celebrating its first birthday!

One thing to say looking back:

  1. Thank you!
    • I want to say thank you to all the students for all their hard work this year! Starting something new is tough, sticking it out is also tough – but worth it! Keep up the great work!
    • Thank you to the parents and grandparents of my younger students – for motivating them to keep practicing and working hard!

Looking forward what is planned for TGS 2016/17?

  1. No.1 Priority – Keep the lessons fun and interesting! 
    • This is essential, and my priority to keep music something that is fun and enjoyable, an escape from work. This is not easy and I am still learning what works for one student doesn’t always work for another- but I promise to keep lessons fluid and interesting.
  2. Let’s start getting those grades! 
    • This year plan to enter two students for their grade one exams! They have developed so well from complete beginners and I have every confidence they are going to blow the examiners away and progress to Grade two next year!!
  3. Blog more!
    • This year has flown by – this is only my sixth post on this site – must try harder!
    • This is an opportunity to give free advice and general info, tell stories and hopefully share something of value to my current and future students and I will aim to publish at least one post a week this year !
    • I also plan to make available free resources online such as tab sheets and chord sheets free to print.

Please like, share and circulate – it’s only something small but means a great deal to those just getting started!

Finally, a shout out to CakeLips for the awesome Gibson Les Paul cake pictured – beautiful sunburst effect on the body – incredible!!



One thought on “TGS is 1yrs Today!

  1. If it wasn’t for you then I wouldn’t be doing my grade one exam. In just nine months, you have enabled me to exceed my expectations. I look forward to your lessons as they are fun and inspiring. Thanks for your encouragement. Please keep doing what you’re doing.

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