Open the door to another community

Hi, future rock stars big and small!

I wanted to write a small blog post about what playing an instrument is like and opportunities that it can offer, really for anyone thinking of starting lessons for themselves or for their children.

I have enjoyed playing guitar for twenty years now. I remember my parents bought me a guitar for Christmas (I had been hoping for Sega Mastersystem at the time… Yes it was that long ago!) but I remember getting an awesome pitch black electric guitar instead, and I am still grateful for that gift today. 

It is not as easy as just buying a guitar though. Once the excitement and novelty subsides, you still need to be inspired and motivated to ‘stick it out’ and get through the early stages of developing your playing ability. Once you have this baseline confidence, you realise that you CAN play and play anything! You just need a gentle prod of support, encouragement and guidance and – you need to put the time in. But it pays off. 

There is a tremendous sense of satisfaction in hearing a piece of music you love and learning to play it yourself. It’s even more enjoyable to share this and to share it with passion!

For me music has opened a door to another community around me. I have met so many interesting and wonderful people just through playing guitar. And I have made friends, hopefully for life, that I get to share and enjoy music with! 

Music is an opportunity for you to have some ‘you’ time away from work/ homework/ housework!

However, I would suggest, it is never too soon to take the opportunity to meet new people and share music with others! 

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